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this year's Summer of CS Workshops - june 2023

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Summer of CS 2022 Kick-Off Event Slide Deck

June 6, 2022 - 4:00 to 6:00 PM PDT

California teachers, counselors and administrators are invited to join in this two-hour summit to celebrate equity-minded computer science (CS) education.

4:00 Welcome

4:10 The State of CS in CA

4:25 Keynote by Dr. Cynthia Brezeale

4:40 Student Panel

5:05 CS Mini-lessons

5:35 Meet Your Facilitators

5:55 Closing Remarks

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Thanks To The Kick-Off Event Presenters!

Ed Campos, Jr.

Dr. Abigail Joseph

Dr. Cynthia Brezeale

Dr. Julie Flapan

Dr. Sonia Koshy

Tim Taylor

Heidi Baynes

Jonathan Rhodea

Rebecca Bailey

Rudy Escobar

Mark Lantsberger

Christen Northrop