Meet your Facilitators!

Dr. Emily Thomforde

Computer Science Coordinator

California Department of Education


MaryAnn Koliopoulos

Technology Instructor & Coach

Millbrae Elementary School District


TIPP: Title, Instructions, Purpose, Play


All About Me


Click the green flag to start.

Click the sprites to learn all about me.

Press the space bar and see what happens.


To identify events and actions.

Turn & Talk

What is a sprite?

How many sprites are in this project?

SEE: Sprites, Events, Explore

Open the Scratch starter project and figure out why it works!

3-5.AP.12 Create programs that include events, loops, and conditionals.

3-5.AP.14 Create programs by incorporating smaller portions of existing programs, to develop something new or add more advanced features.

Turn & Talk

What words or colors help you identify events?

How many events does Scratch have?

Mild 🌶

Add a new sprite to the project and make it say "My cat's name is Stella." when you click it.

Medium 🌶🌶

Change the sprites and sentences to make the project about you.

Spicy 🌶🌶🌶

Make an animated "All About Me" project to show at back-to-school night.

Add your project to the Scratch Studio or Google Slide Deck