2021 Summer of CS Kick-Off Event Recordings

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Summer of CS 2021 Kick-Off Event

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Breakout Session Recordings

Standards in Action: Not Just Coding! A Student Showcase

Grades K-2 and 3-5

K-2 and 3-5 Standards in Action.mp4

Grades 6-8

6-8 Standards in Action.mp4

Grades 9-12

9-12 Standards in Action.mp4

Meet Your Facilitator

Elementary 4 CS

Meet Your Facilitators - Elementary 4 CS.mp4

CS Discoveries

Meet Your Facilitators - CS Discoveries.mp4

Exploring CS

Meet Your Facilitators - Exploring CS.mp4

CS Principles

Meet Your Facilitators - CS Principles.mp4

APCSA with CSAwesome

Meet Your Facilitators - AP CSA with CSAwesome.mp4

Jump Start Your Supplementary Authorization

Meet Your Facilitators - UC San Diego.mp4

Strategies for Effective and Inclusive CS Teaching (ScIP)

Meet Your Facilitator - ScIP.mp4

CSforCA Computer Science Workshop for Administrators

Meet Your Facilitators - Workshop for Administrators.mp4

Counselors 4 Computing

Meet Your Facilitators - Counselors 4 Computing.mp4