Kick-Off Event Closing Remarks

Now that the Summer of CS Kick-Off Event is complete, let us know how you plan to carry forward this energy using the Commitments Padlet or Google Form below.

Sample Commitments

I will spend an hour a week coding with my family this summer. (8 hours)

I will start a Girls Who Code chapter at my school. (12 hours)

I will update my teaching materials to feature examples and role models that reflect my school's diversity. (4 hours)

I will add my favorite lesson plans to California Educators Together. (3 hours)

I will add CS-related fiction to my classroom library wishlist. (2 hours)

I will attend three meetings of's CSEd Reading Group. (3 hours)

I will organize a Family Code Night. (6 hours)

I will read the Culturally Responsive-Sustaining CS Framework and make a plan to implement it in my classroom. (4 hours)

I will join my local CSTA chapter. (1 hour)

I will start a weekly coding club at my local library or community center. (10 hours)

I will learn a new programming language. (30 hours)

I will update my course recruitment materials to appeal to girls, students of color, English learners, and students with disabilties. (2 hours)

I will read "Race After Technology" with my book club. (8 hours)

I will hang CS Hero posters in my classroom for the start of the school year. (1 hour)

I will invite two CS teachers in nearby districts out for coffee. (2 hours)

I will recruit a district team to participate in SCRIPT workshops at my County Office of Education. (10 hours)

Or write your own commitment!

Good goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound, Inclusive, and Equitable